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Glass Wall Entryways

Glass-enclosed wine cellars are one of the most popular, if not the most popular option for custom wine cellar projects because of their timeless appeal. They can be constructed anywhere in your living space and immediately become its focal point. Glass in itself is a highly attractive material to work with since it can amplify the inherent beauty of other materials. When mixing it up with wood, metal, or other materials, you can conjure so many stunning combinations for your wine cellar.

Browse through the various photos below, organized into specific combinations that might be helpful for sparking ideas in your new wine room. We would love to create something amazing for you and to get started, simply send in your measurements and details and we will create a free design at no charge.

Glass Walls with Wood Wine Racks

Custom Wine Cellar Glass Entry - young
Custom Living Spaces - 278664
Custom Living Spaces - 241063
Custom Living Spaces - 269143
Custom Living Spaces - 212985
Custom Living Spaces - 238887
Custom Living Spaces - glass entryway
Custom Living Spaces - glass entryway
Custom Living Spaces - 279505
Pictured above, this stunning Allheart Redwood glass enclosed wine cellar is one of our more striking examples. On a larger resolution or desktop computer, click through the various photos to see other ideas.
Holding to our custom wine rack styles, note each wine cellar picture above has different variations of high reveal display row, bulk diamond bins, case storage, and in one example, secured wine lockers. The variation in the wine racking assembly is highly practical and allows for the creation of numerous design possibilities for your wine cellar. Even when using the same materials, you can still turn out a different look each time.

Since maintaining ideal wine storage conditions is crucial in any wine cellar project, glass-enclosed wine cellars fit the bill perfectly. The glass we use for this type of cellar is 1/2" thick glass and is designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. In addition, the glass panes are joined using a clear silicone bead, creating a seamless connection. Thus, you get a fully insulated wine cellar that's absolutely stunning as well.

Glass Walls with Metal Wine Racks

Custom Living Spaces - Eddie Merlot KY
Custom Living Spaces - 278993
Custom Living Spaces - khuene
Custom Living Spaces - schmitt
Custom Living Spaces - 235550
Custom Living Spaces - glass entryway
Custom Living Spaces - vizcaya
Custom Living Spaces - 220924
Custom Living Spaces - 211766
If you are looking for label forward, wine rack pegs, or different variations of metal or aluminum wine racks, browse through these options on your desktop computer.
When it comes to storage capacity, these glass-enclosed living spaces are no slouch either. Even if you just construct a glass-enclosed wine cellar closet or cabinet, you can still manage to store hundreds of bottles in a safe, comfy, and attractive way depending on the type of wine racks used.

In many of these examples, there are highly versatile glass-enclosed projects combining the best of wine racking elements from stylish Diamond Bins and wine displays to whimsical Waterfall Wine Racks. Note that with the right custom wine cellar LED lighting system, the glass takes on an even more enchanting quality. You can create a variety of moods just by playing around with the lighting options such as the sultry, vintage appeal of this wine cellar.

Glass Walls with Wood & Metal Wine Racks

Custom Living Spaces - Eddie Merlot KY
Custom Living Spaces - Mesh Restaurant
Custom Living Spaces - 273238
Custom Living Spaces - 290986
Custom Living Spaces - 297708
Custom Living Spaces - 193923
Custom Living Spaces - Eddie Merlot
Custom Living Spaces - 254984
Custom Living Spaces - Modern Wine Cellar Series
Blending wood with metal always makes for unique combinations. Enjoy these examples and contact us for a free design.
It actually doesn't matter what wood wine rack choice you go for when working on a glass-enclosed wine cellar. The glass will accentuate the outstanding features of the wood specie you've selected, such as Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, Mahogany, or Rustic Pine. We recommend you go for wood species with distinct grain patterns since even when they are unstained, the wood's natural beauty will still be properly showcased.

Glass and metal combinations are often utilized in numerous wine cellar transformations since they showcase functionality and style to great extent. You can see from several of our examples how these glass-enclosed projects are meshed with Vintage View metal wine racks that spell modern elegance. Moreover, you can also choose to add wood panel backings and other similar accents for a more upscale look.


Unique VintageView Metal Racking with Changing LED Lights

Modern cellar with Glass Walls and Colored LEDs

View a video of this unique install >>


Turn those seemingly useless corners, nooks, and crannies in your home into a gorgeous glass-enclosed wine cellar today. You will be surprised at the extensive storage capacity that small or stubbornly uneven corner in your home has. The same goes true with commercial wine establishments which definitely need the aesthetic boost a glass-enclosed creation can bring. There are plenty of accessories and accents you can work into your project such as painted tile or Vintage Wine Barrel flooring, custom countertops and tabletops, and a whole lot more.

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Review Our Glass Wall Specs

All glass used in this type of cellar is 1/2" thick glass and is designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits.
Seals are utilized on the top, bottom and sides of the entry door to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits.
Simple door hinges minimize distraction from racks, art, and flooring.
Emphasize unique racking by increasing visibility.
Completely customizable.
Glass panes are joined using a clear silicone bead, creating a seamless connection.
Glass-enclosed cellars are quoted and created on a case-by-case basis.
Door handle and lock come standard with Glass-enclosed wine room.

pdficon-35sq.gifglass cleaning

Glass Warranty & Glass Hardware Warranty
Door hardware available in Brushed stainless, Polished stainless, Polished brass, and Oil rubbed bronze
Lead times may vary based on glass quantity and cellar size.

Question: How do you create a tight seal around the glass door?

Answer: Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we are experts in creating the proper environment for your wines, which includes creating a tight seal around the glass. If you are interested in creating a glass enclosed wine cellar, please contact us for a free quote. Our installation team is ready to install your beautiful wine cellar with our proprietary method.

Question: We often get asked what the difference between the glass used in our custom wine cellar doors and the 1/2" single pane glass used in our glass wall systems. 
Answer: Below is the technical data used to compare both systems. * There may be slight differences if using Argon in your door, however we feel there is no need based on the minimal temperature difference.


Performance Data Comparison


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